Commercial Roofing Services in Bradley County, AR

TPO Roofing

Aerial View of TPO Roofing on Farmington City Hall

Searching for honest, quality commercial roof repair or a new commercial roof in Bradley County, AR? When you want a skilled and professional roofing contractor on the job, look no further. Contact R.B.T. Construction Roofing Division at (903) 691-0931 to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

Areas We Serve

Our roofers can repair and replace all types of roofs, from long-lasting metal roofing to traditional built-up roofing. Our roofing company carries all of your typical commercial roofing materials, including single-ply membranes and more. There are pros and cons to each of these materials, and some are more suitable for certain buildings or business types, so feel free to ask us if you need help. Many materials even come in multiple colors, sizes, thicknesses, and more, allowing you to truly customize your roof system. When you need a quality commercial roof in Bradley County, AR, just give our contractors a call at (903) 691-0931. We serve the following communities in Bradley County, in addition to the surrounding areas:

A Commercial Roof You Can Trust

At R.B.T. Construction Roofing Division, our contractors are committed to high quality service and excellent roofing services. You will not find our roofers cutting corners or leaving you with a half-done roof. Your roof can quickly fail if not installed or repaired properly, even when using high quality materials. Using the correct installation methods and repair techniques is essential to any roofing project, and our contractors understand this. These methods guarantee a quality roof system as well as safety!

In addition to professional replacement and repair, we use only top quality materials on our projects. You can rest assured knowing that our roofers use products from Firestone, Genflex, and Duro-Last, as well as others. Our roofers know that different roofs require different materials, so we can help you find roofs for chemical resistance, energy efficiency, and more.

Let R.B.T. Construction Roofing Division take care of your commercial roof in Bradley County, AR today; give us a call at (903) 691-0931.